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Posted by on Sep 10, 2012 in Science |

NASA worried about germs land if Curiosity is water on Mars

NASA worried about germs land if Curiosity is water on Mars


For five centuries ago, when the Europeans came to America, they brought unknowingly measles, smallpox, bubonic plague, cholera and many infectious diseases that eventually decimate the local population. “The greatest human catastrophe in history, far outstripping the disaster of the Black Death in medieval Europe”, as some scholars say .

As a sign that humanity-something-has learned from their mistakes, wants something very unusual about the routes of Curiosity rover on the Martian surface: you can not find water.

This is because, fearing that one of the drills could suffer a malfunction in its rough landing, NASA engineers manipulated pieces that were sealed and sterilized precisely to avoid contamination with organisms from Earth to Mars, especially to find the remote possibility that a water and land germs can survive.

The procedures of the agency indicated that the sealed parts should not abririse without the knowledge of NASA scientist responsible for not cause contamination from Earth, however this was not so:

“They should not do that without telling me. It is responsible not follow our own rules, “said Catharine Conley, a microbiologist and Planetary Protection Officer at NASA.

This occurred because counterbalanced the risk that one of the drills is damaged irreparably Curiosity landing possibilities against much lower-found-that water or ice near the surface of the crater Gale. “Although there is always the possibility that Mars will surprise us,” they said from NASA.

Link: If the Mars Rover Finds Water, It Could Be H2 … uh oh! (LA Times)

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