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Posted by on May 26, 2012 in Uncategorized |

NBC, Fox and CBS sue cable provider for commercial skipping technology

NBC, Fox and CBS sue cable provider for commercial skipping technology

Last-a-little dust after the fall of the SOPA Act happy, it was only a matter of time there was another attempt to attack anything that large corporations feel that threatens their business model. Do you last? in all the major television networks in the U.S. against the cable provider Dish Network, because “to allow viewers will leave the business is breaking the law.”

The matter is so simple that it becomes ridiculous. DISH offers its subscribers the ability to record some of the most important of the four major television networks in the U.S., NBC, Fox, ABC, CBS, and thanks to technology Auto Hop, commercials are skipped automatically without the user having to intervene, as was done before. And only this remarkable performance was enough for NBC, and came out in droves to take the case to court, claiming that skipping commercials is a violation of the copyright. As read.

There are some edges in the subject, but some can touch the edge of the ridiculous. The basis for the claim lies in the fact that skipping commercials is automatic, as opposed to press a button and fast forward, Auto Hopper does not through the user and that’s what lawyers are grasping the chains. And despite stating that the Auto Hop only works when viewing the recorded program a day after its original issue, also is accused DISH would be “inducing subscribers to break the law” to their offering.

The truth is that Fox, CBS and NBC, the fact of recording a program and watch it later without commercials is breaking the law, under the conditions above named. It seems ridiculous and truth in a way it is, but the demand is made and most likely true is that this nonsense ends working it a judge in court. So things are today in large corporations of the entertainment.

Link: TV Networks File Legal Claims Skipping Commercials Saying Is Copyright Infringement (Tech Dirt)

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