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Posted by on Sep 21, 2012 in Companies, Gadgets |

Nestle placed within their chocolates GPS to locate their customers

Nestlé placed within their chocolates GPS to locate their customers

Candy lovers who purchase a bar in the could be in for a surprise and somewhat strange is that Nestle is packing trackers inside some of these famous chocolates in order to get where you are the customer and give a gift.

The promotion works as follows: When buying a client Kit-Kat supposedly would have no idea that goes inside a GPS alleged to extract the packing and bar break the paper which usually protects the chocolate, which would activate the GPS Nestle would alert immediately. With this, the company would have a way to get to the consumer and give in his hand a check for $10,000 GBP would be roughly $16,000 USD.

The campaign is aimed primarily at men who supposedly feel comfortable with GPS technology. This promotion is being supported with TV spots and publicity for smartphones (via QR codes).

While Nestle is the first company to apply this technology to a dynamic of competition in the UK, not the first worldwide, that title is held by a Brazilian company that did the same but on soap boxes, in addition, was the Willy Wonka who inspired much like mechanics.

Link: Nestle Embeds GPS Trackers In Candy Bars To Hunt Down Eaters (PopSci)

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