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Posted by on May 25, 2012 in Entertainment, Internet |

NetBet, new online gaming platform: The Spanish market is regulated

NetBet, new online gaming platform: The Spanish market is regulated

Sascha Badelt, CEO of NetBet

Ready? Ready? Now! … June 1 comes into force new legislation to regulate gambling and the Government of Spain to tell companies granted a license, the rest can no longer operate. NetBet is an online gaming platform and was waiting to obtain one of the first to ask.

What does this company offer via the Web? A lot of play, of course. Poker, bingo, blackjack, … How are they different from other companies? To have their own programmers working on games and what they think innovate with new games exclusively theirs. Also, thinking ahead, they also have their eyes on the mobile online gaming.

All movements of the platform game will be recorded to be viewed by a regulator that will verify that everything is correct. It also will test from time to time. An interesting point too: They have mechanisms to prevent problem gambling, there will be limits on the time of betting and deposit money.

More things: It controls the user’s identity and age and they will use actual data from the government census.

Finance has its part in the game, takes 25% of gross earnings. In addition, the online gaming company, is obliged to report on the awards that exceed $ 3,000 (USD $ 3.761).

A major challenge they are facing: Create a good network of players. You are partnering with eight companies to do so.

¿These figures to get an idea of what makes the game in Spain? In 2011 generated revenues of 370 million euros (USD $ 464). The Spanish Association of Gaming Digital, thinks that 2012 will be 500 million euros (USD $ 627) and in 2014, some 800 million (USD $ 1.003). And that economic experts say the crisis will take long …

And there are more players on the Internet. In 2011 were about 600,000 unique users.

So far the companies involved in the game have moved between legality and illegality could not do advertising. In 2011 operated more than 20 who had their web servers in other EU countries if they allow online play. Now this will change.

To obtain a license must meet a few requirements: Have the head office in Spain, pay taxes here, a. Is to 100,000 euros (USD $ 125.413) of capital, be limited company and lodge a security for each license of 2 million euros (USD $ 2.51).

It certainly can not do either … and regularization, also comes the seriousness of these businesses.

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