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Netflix add profiles for users sharing an account

Netflix add profiles for users sharing an account

(Cc) Zombie Normal / Flickr

If you have in your home, it is likely that several family members share the account. The animated will be younger, romantic moms and dads may war films or fast cars. Everyone has their own taste, and can be confusing Netflix recommending a movie or series as we have seen, considering that they are such different things – romantic series? Fairytales?? War movies??

The company will enter the possibility of different profiles within the same account, so that the system does not suggest you watch Dora the Explorer because your son or little brother saw him eight times yesterday.

The profiles option would be available in late August, with the option to put five or six different people to store their preferences in a single account. This does not mean that it will increase the amount of simultaneous streamings which allows the system to continue to be both.

Link: Netflix to launch later this summer user profiles (Yahoo! News)

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