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Posted by on Jul 12, 2013 in Internet |

Netflix is ​​negotiating a new season of Arrested Development

Netflix is ​​negotiating a new season of Arrested Development

Arrested Development, the series was revived by literally an entire season through the streaming service , could be back with a second season in service (fifth considering the three that were aired on TV). The production company behind the show confirmed it is in talks with Netflix to film another series of episodes.

According to Brian Grazer, one of the greatest directors of Imagine Entertainment, the talks began because Netflix are interested for a second season. This, despite the reception from critics was not totally positive, so even sent shares of the firm were to fall during the days of the series premiere.

Still, it seems that Netflix are interested to bring long-term series. The mere fact that audiences are not measured in rating points and changes the rules of the game, and the company’s own CEO Reed Hastings announced some time ago that had exceeded expectations that they had. It would be nice to know what you mean exactly: if the number of times users have played episodes, or the number of new subscribers that came only in the interest of the series.

It remains to be seen if for a second (or fifth) season release all episodes at once or go throwing the traditional way, as what Amazon intends to do with its own programming.

Link: Netflix in Talks for Another Season of ‘Arrested Development’ (Bloomberg)

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