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Posted by on Dec 29, 2012 in Social Networks |

Netflix may have social network integration in the U.S. thanks to new law

Netflix may have social network integration in the U.S. thanks to new law

Those who are users in Latin America, will surely be familiar with the option to connect your account with service, and so everyone knows of the latest movie or series that saw. A trivial choice today, and yet in the country of origin of the company (USA) is not yet available because the does not allow it.

But that will change in the near future, since the law was amended and now just need the signature of President Obama for Netflix to introduce these social features in service. The old law, called the Video Privacy Protection Act (ASFV), simply prohibiting disclosure personal information about the users history, created in 1988, aimed directly at the video stores, but over time the ban also affected Netflix and its pairs.

Now this law was repealed and altered thinking directly in all companies that offer Internet video services, and users in mind also using social networking and would like to see the rest of what they saw, despite the redundancy. This was a source of problems and in the past for Hulu, which several years ago suffered a lawsuit under California law allowing ASFV integration with Facebook.

In Netflix have not yet given a date for his new “job”, but surely the options will be activated once his signature on the legislation renewed.

Link: Netflix ‘Social Features’ Coming In 2013, President Signs Bill Eleven (TPM)

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