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Posted by on Jul 9, 2012 in Companies |

Netflix will pay U.S. $9 million for violation of privacy

Netflix will pay U.S. $ 9 million for violation of privacy

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It’s not all roses without thorns to Netflix: While Cony few days ago told us that the streaming video platform had transmitted more than one million hours in June , with a corresponding economic benefit that means, now up to talk about a that has made them more than U.S. $9 billion (about 7.5 million euros).

The payment is part of a preliminary agreement reached by following a class action by a group of users who accused him of violation of the law on Privacy Protection in Video: The applicants maintained Netflix data from their credit cards, and records video and Internet users had seen, even for two years after it canceled the service.

As Reuters review, the victims also claimed that Netflix had used the data for advertising campaigns without their consent, then violating a legal requirement that forces clear the “personally identifiable information” that a year is not needed for the purpose for which he had collected … So the preliminary agreement calls for Netflix to delete this information and pay $9 million Americans who would be used to educate consumers and regulators in protecting privacy.

Netflix ignore the obligation of such Act, or did so with every intention of using data for marketing purposes? Mysteries of life … Hopefully the experience will be useful, and think twice before using data without authorization, but as we know, in this business, one of the greatest assets is precisely our data users.

Link: U.S. judge approves agreement with Netflix subscribers (Reuters)

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