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Posted by on Jul 30, 2012 in Companies |

New advertising from Apple makes Mac users look foolish and inept

New advertising from Apple makes Mac users look foolish and inept

Over the weekend, released three new TV commercials to promote the Mac, which have been heavily criticized since its inception for making computer users look stupid brand. A reversal of what has traditionally been for Apple, carefully designed from the beginning, with memorable pieces like the famous commercial “1984″, the “Think Different” ads of 1997 or the “I’m a Mac”, 2006 .

The new commercials, ready to leave for the Olympics in London, show a Genius Bar employee of Apple, which aims to help computer users of the company to complete various projects. The problem is that users seem inept: two commercial “genius” must explain to customers how to use their computers, and the third, you should tell a potential user who was misled and that what is bought an imitation.

Apple products usually try to appear as simple and easy to use (no explanation needed), and on the other hand, as sophisticated and powerful (for cool people, not inept). Consequently, many Mac users feel insulted by the new ads.

Some have attempted to defend the advertising claiming it is to attract “normal people” who do not always know how to use everything, and the attempt to give warning sign that Apple is always someone that can help you.

Anyway, is not the image that the company had tried to send so far. What do you think?

Link: Why Apple users are happy to be more inept than Microsoft’s (CNET)

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