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Posted by on Sep 5, 2012 in Companies |

New CEO of Best Buy will work as a store clerk for a week

New CEO of Best Buy will work as a store clerk for a week

Hubert Joly, the new boss at Best Buy, it will not be his first week in a plush office with minibar, electronic game of golf and a sexy secretary, however, wear the blue polo shirt and khaki pants as part of uniform all employees in stores.

The reason why this man wants to spend a week working as a salesman is because according to him, has no experience “retail” (in store) that is needed to understand how this business works. Joly, 53, said: “The last time I worked in a shop was at 53,” adding “I do not want to learn about the business from the home office, I want to learn from the battle line.”

Currently, Best Buy is facing the giant grocery stores Wal-Mart and and the giant Amazon online sales. Certain Joly plans to improve things within the chain stores include the budget cuts do not affect wages (an employee is an employee underpaid unproductive), attracting consumers with competitive prices, well stocked inventory of fashion products, and improve customer service.

Joly will be working in a shop in where he hopes to better understand the situation that the company is thinking and to create more aggressive strategies to achieve what learn from this experience.

It’s definitely the smartest decision of an executive of Best Buy has had in years, not just about reaching heat a large chair and charge thousands of dollars a month by reviewing sales plans and fire people. Although a week is a short time, I think Joly understood very well what employees have to endure every day, so that store managers have to solve every day and finally, what each customer expects from the store.

Link: Best Buy’s new CEO wants to learn from the front line (Reuters)

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