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Posted by on Jun 25, 2012 in Software |

New feature in Firefox 13 exposes users’ private data

New feature in Firefox 13 exposes users' private data

Many people assigned the number 13 unlucky and it seems that in the case of superstition holds. The latest version of the includes a feature that lets you see thumbnails of the sites we visited recently. This function “captures the contents of the user’s HTTPS session,” which could become a major issue.

HTTPS sessions are those that are protected by additional security such as bank sites, e-mail or electronic commerce, and the catch made by Firefox could reveal sensitive information like account numbers, business e-mails and other data to be captured by the “preview” of the tabs.

The problem was discovered by a user when you opened the browser and found his bank statement displayed in the image. This can be difficult for people who share your PC, or navigating in Internet cafes, for example.

admitted that there is concern on the subject, ensuring that release a patch “in a future version of Firefox.” The organization said it is “committed to and user control. The new role of thumbnails of tabs in Firefox does not transmit or collect personal information outside the direct control of the user. “

Mozilla said that the models are based on the user’s browsing history and can be eliminated. The problem is not new, nor is the preview of the sites, also present in Chrome and Opera. The difference is that the images displayed by Firefox are larger than the competition, which would better distinguish the data.

Link: Firefox ‘new tab’ feature Exposes users’ secured info: Fix Promised (The Register)

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