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Posted by on Nov 8, 2012 in Hardware |

New record in supercomputers: the XC30 “Cascade” can reach 100 petaflops

(C) Cray

Last week the company broke the speed record on with XK7 “Titan” , which is capable of reaching the theoretical maximum speed of 20 petaflops (20,000 trillion calculations per second).

But now launched the XC30 Cray “Cascade”, a developed with (the initials of Research Projects Agency Defense Advanced, the U.S. government) and shatter the record because it would be able to Titan reach a speed of 100 petaflops (100,000 trillion calculations per second, ten to the seventeenth power).

Cascade uses processors Intel Xeon E5-2600 , and a new type of architecture called Aries, which is capable of connecting up to a million cores. That if, Cray announced that future versions could change the processor by Intel Xeon Phi graphics processors and NVIDIA Tesla K20 ‘Kepler’.

Cray has already received orders for the supercomputer from various research centers in the world as the Center for High Performance Computing at the University of Stuttgart (HLRS) and the Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies, University of Kyoto (ACCM) .

Interestingly, despite having invested millions in the project, DARPA will not Cascade at the moment, because you will have access to Cray machines installed around the world for a few months while it decides whether or not to buy the supercomputer.

Link: Cray supercomputer unleashes 100 petaflop XC30 with up to a million-core Intel Xeon (Engadget)

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