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Posted by on Jun 18, 2012 in Gadgets, Hardware |

New rumors say that Microsoft would launch an “Xbox Surface” in today’s event

(Cc) Bergius

There are still some hours to the mysterious event from Microsoft, but the rumors do not stop. According to CNET, the company would release a 7 inch tablet type together with an Xbox, a combination that could actually be called “Xbox Surface”.

Surface control would be based on an ARM processor from Texas Instruments, some level of integration with Kinect, would Battery for seven hours and a resolution of 1280 X 720, according to documents leaked by LiveSide . Apparently this leak refers to two devices – one might even be the next Xbox.

Originally, Surface touch table was where several people could interact with several people at once. Apparently the company has been working to reduce the table to a tablet, something that the company has made some statements in the past.

It also fits in the background, according to Geekwire , Microsoft’s patent on SmartGlass refers not only software but also hardware. That could mean not only a SmartGlass installable application on different devices, but could also be a control, or something else.

What is it? We look forward to the announcement in a few hours.

Xbox Surface? More rumors ahead of today’s reveal (CNET)
Xbox Surface: Specificcations on a new tablet device leaked (LiveSide)

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