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Posted by on Jul 17, 2013 in Internet |

New rumors suggest that Google prepares an internet TV service

New rumors suggest that Google prepares an internet TV service

(Cc) Sam Churchill (Flickr)

Google’s relationship with the is not new. The company has sought to consolidate its platform TV smart TVs in recent years, but has not had the success you desire. Similarly offers TV service by hiring in Kansas, however these options are nothing compared to having a full service TV.

According to a report in the Wall Street Journal , Google would be introducing this service to different companies just to obtain licenses for the transmission. The internet TV service would work similar to what’s offered by cable operators, allowing you to select packages to view channels via a broadband connection.

The same sources indicate that Google has shown the product to various vendors on at least one occasion. The problem facing Google is the same as Apple, Intel, Sony and others who want their TV service: the big media companies do not want to give up because they are more focused on expanding its business with existing distributors.

Companies seeking to expand its presence in on-demand services and reserve the best prices for major distributors. To get a competitive price Google would have to accept the typical full package of channels that nobody wants. At least that is the requirement to keep all cable operators anywhere in the world.

The coin is in the air, and according to the American newspaper, this would be the second time that Google tries to convince executives of large companies with a proposal online TV service. Will the company succeed? All we know is that if Google, Apple, Sony or any other achieved a breakthrough in this type of project, will be the gateway to a new era of internet TV services.

Link: Google Pitches Online TV Service to Media Companies (Wall Street Journal)

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