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Posted by on Aug 13, 2012 in Science |

New species of insect is discovered by Flickr

New species of insect is discovered by Flickr

Is discovered a new species is not too surprising, though not everyday thing. But scientists discovered a new species thanks to Flickr, that’s definitely more interesting and less frequent.

Shaun Winterton is an entomologist who was looking at the photographer’s pictures on Guek Hock Ping, among which were those of a green lacewing. However, some peculiarities of the called the attention of Winterton, who sent the image to your colleagues and all agreed that they could be facing a new variety of the lacewing.

The photographer had taken that picture in the jungles of Malaysia, and the following year, when Hock Ping returned to the jungle, captured a copy and sent scientists to explore it. Then confirmed that it was not known lacewing variety, which was named after the daughter of the scientist: Semachrysa jade.

The was published in the journal Zookeys, also indicating the process almost accidental discovery. Flickr can be proud.

Link: Scientist Discovers New Insect Species While Browsing Flickr Photos (Peta Pixel)

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