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Posted by on Jun 8, 2013 in Hardware |

New tablets and convertible Windows 8 at Computex

New tablets and convertible Windows 8 at Computex

That Computex this year to coincide with the launch of the new processors Intel “Haswell” not a matter of fortune, the official launch of the processors was a Sunday and during the week of Computex we saw all the latest in PCs with these new processors.

Among so many models that have been updated or new features that have been presented, the truth is that we have not seen a lot of big players in the convertible model or tablets with Windows 8. Clearly, on laptops and PCs is present, but very little in other formats.

We can count on the fingers of these devices, which technically should be the kind of laptop that will be more in the future, forgetting the traditional format laptop (keyboard attached hinged screen). Terminals as Surface Pro show that you can have a complete PC in form, although this need to use a stylus to draw or to even have to point to some element of the display.

We look for originality in this new format, no originality at a point that is not practical, if not originality that anyone can understand and above all, fulfill the function of tablet and PC. These are devices that have been presented at Computex, which vedemos from a few weeks to a few months in stores.

Acer Iconia W3

New tablets and convertible Windows 8 at Computex image 2

No doubt the device that has raised more uproar. Its main feature that makes it really different from the rest, is that it is the first eight-inch tablet with Windows 8. Why? Acer Windows RT thinks no sense when compared to Windows 8, users may see it as a version of Windows you can no longer use their usual applications, so only use full Windows versions.

The size is a drastic change some rules Microsoft to use Windows 8. With eight inches can be considered a true mobile tablet, not a screen size that lets you into a pocket, but it’s certainly a step.

ASUS Transformer Book Trio

New tablets and convertible Windows 8 at Computex image 3

Rare, very rare, but ASUS Transformer Book Trio is a device that I was born dead. Technically and physically is a good device, full HD 11.6-inch and according to Asus, battery up to 15 hours. Sounds good, but is an attempt to reach an utmost device, a combination that just does not add up.

This Transformer Book Trio basically defined three devices in “one”: Android Tablet, Tablet Windows 8 and Windows 8 laptop. Execution? Although we do not know until it is released, it still has no date or price, but surely Asus launched. The problem is that this has been tried and has not worked and is not a real improvement. Why do you want to have Android if you buy a Windows 8 tablet? Why turn faster? The new version of Windows just takes a couple of seconds to turn on. Why give more options to use while being a predictable product that is more expensive than the best of the Android tablets?

Dell XPS 11

New tablets and convertible Windows 8 at Computex image 4

The new Dell XPS 11 is Dell’s response to products like Lenovo Yoga. This is what is meant as a true convertible, in which you have in a single device without accessories laptop and a tablet. The beauty of this XPS 11 is that it is very slim, 14.9 mm, so that when you have it in tablet form is not a problem the thickness. It has a 11-inch screen but with a high resolution of 2560 x 1440 pixels, which has the effect of low resolution in some applications .

But it is certainly easier to understand format, perhaps to the format easier to sell to people who want a laptop but like tablets and do not want to lose the keyboard by the way.

Sony VAIO Duo 13

New tablets and convertible Windows 8 at Computex image 5

is actually an updated version that we have outlined in 11 inches. My conclusion was sharp on this device, the format “slide” does not stop working. Suffers from the same problem and Surface Surface Pro RT with fixed hinge, great tablet format, but when moving to a writing mode that only has a position for the screen may be disturbing to some people.

But perhaps the problem of indecision in its design that does not convince. It’s a tablet, but it does not stop being a PC. That trackpad so small on the bottom of the keyboard is ridiculous. Yes, Windows 8 is used with your fingers and a touch screen that this VAIO Duo 13 integra, but ends up being a solution to integrate a trackpad so small. Or design a keyboard + trackpad that is easy to use or do not sacrifice the.

Toshiba Satellite U925t

New tablets and convertible Windows 8 at Computex image 6

I did not expect this, but perhaps with the Toshiba have something more to say. While it has more or less the same system “slide” the VAIO Duo 13, it seems that Toshiba has managed to find the best way to integrate a real PC within the body of a tablet.

With 19.81 mm integrated screen, keyboard, trackpad without sacrificing any of the design features of the two devices. Although the screen is always exposed, by sliding the screen and leave the keyboard in sight, you can adjust the screen to a format almost identical to what a laptop is today.

Many options, there are variations to suit all tastes for all looking for a PC with built-in tablet. I do not want to select a favorite so you can try any of them, but which may be the PC / Tablet perfect with this new generation of processors?

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