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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012 in Science |

New Titan has 20 petaflops supercomputer dedicated to scientific research

New Titan has 20 petaflops supercomputer dedicated to scientific research

(C) Oak Ridge National Laboratory

The Oak Ridge National Laboratory under the Department of Energy of the United States, today began operating the cray XK7 “Titan”, with a theoretical top speed of 20 petaflops (20,000 trillion calculations per second), which combines processors reach central (CPU) and graphics (GPU) in a single system to optimize energy consumption.

has about 18,688 nodes, where each has a processor AMD Opteron 6274 “Istanbul ‘of 16 cores and a graphics processor NVIDIA Tesla K20 ‘Kepler’. As a whole has about 700 terabytes of memory, and the division of labor between the and the GPU makes Titan use the same physical space than its predecessor, the Jaguar supercomputer , but consuming only a little electricity.

“Combining GPUs and CPUs in a single system requires far less electricity than having just CPUs, and is a responsible step to lower our carbon footprint. Titan we deliver processing power to investigate unprecedented energy, climate change, materials and other scientific disciplines, “said Jeff Nichols , associate director of Oak Ridge Laboratory.

Until now, the Department of Energy has allocated 4,700 million hours of work with Titan to 61 different projects in science and engineering, whose areas of study would simulate new materials, bio-fuels and combustion processes, and researching astrophysics, climate change and nuclear energy.

Link: Titan Supercomputer Debuts: Computer churns Through More Than 20.000 Trillion Calculations Each Second (Science Daily)

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