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Posted by on Dec 3, 2012 in Science |

New type of fixture promises to leave fluorescent tubes as obsolete

New type of fixture promises to leave fluorescent tubes as obsolete

(C) Ken Bennett

Scientists at Wake Forest University have created a new type of fixture that promises to be as efficient as LED and at least twice as tubes, but without any of the associated problems like a blue light in the case of LEDs, or flashing yellow light made with toxic gases fluorescent luminaire.

The technology is called electroluminescent polymer luminaire, FIPEL (by the acronym of field-induced polymer electroluminescent bulbs), and consist of nanometer-sized plastic layers that glow when electric current passes through them, generating white light faint but clear that allow the technology to generate FIPEL light of any color.

Among its features is that the fixture would be malleable, allowing any shape as fluorescent tubes, but without the risk of trize or explode, so plan to make lights taken all kinds of light fixture or socks as the connector Edison screw or bayonet.


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Goodbye, fluorescent light bulbs: New lighting technology will not flicker, shatter or burn out (

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