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Posted by on Aug 27, 2012 in Companies, Economy |

New York Times sold for $300 million

New York Times sold for $ 300 million

The company bought the domain IAC, repository of almost any subject you want to search the Internet and so far was in the hands of the New York Times. Selling for $300 million also includes and domains.

Though it sounds like a considerable amount of money, the lost with the transaction, considering that bought the site for $ 410 million in 2005.

is ranked 80 in the ranking of the most visited in the world of Alexa. The site content cheaply bought, expanding to 900 subjects of general interest such as food, how to be a good parent, technology, etc. The idea behind is to have high (arriving by searches), selling advertising because the high number of visits.

However, the traffic has been declining in recent years, either because much information can usually be found in other top portals (like Wikipedia) or because Google has made changes to its algorithm to punish “farms content “. Advertising revenue fell 9% last quarter, while operating costs rose 15%. The site recorded in the last three months an operating loss of $ 187 million.

IAC has other properties with a similar business, and you could get more at, or know how to take more advantage.

Link: Confirmed: IAC has bought from the New York Times (TechCrunch)

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