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New Zealand apologizes for spying illegally Dotcom

New Zealand apologizes for spying illegally Dotcom

A couple of days ago the of New Zealand, John Key, ordered to investigate allegations that ensured that the Office of Government Communications Security (GCSB) illegally spied Kim Dotcom, founder.

Already today we have the results, which the public made Key a press conference where he apologized for what he described as “basic errors” in the MegaUpload case because New Zealand has a law that prohibits spying on its citizens and residents.

And according to the official report released today on the case of Dotcom is confirmed that indeed the New Zealand GCSB collaborated with the police to monitor and arrest executives Dotcom and three Megaupload, in an operation launched by the FBI.

Dotcom has accepted the apology from the Government of New Zealand, through a message on Twitter in which he expresses:

“I accept your apology. Has shown sincerity in supporting a full, transparent and independent. “

As we see, took it well, Dotcom, although not the first criticism of the procedure that stopped Dotcom: As you know, last June, a court in New Zealand reported that the search warrants were used to enter the house of Kim Dotcom were invalid, and then I remember that we have around here .

It is clear that the process was irregular, and that in these cases is not worth a simple apology, so the next thing remains to be seen is how it will affect this new episode of MegaUpload case aa request to extradite Kim Dotcom made by the U.S. Government … Bet?

Link: New Zealand apologizes for having spied illegally Dotcom (EFE)

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