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Posted by on Jun 28, 2012 in Internet |

New Zealand declares illegal search warrants at the mansion of Dotcom

New Zealand declares illegal search warrants at the mansion of Dotcom

A new episode for the writers who are writing the series of Megaupload: The High Court of new zealand has declared “illegal” orders used for recording Dotcom Kim’s mansion, the founder of the storage platform.

As you read: Judge Elena Winkelmann has studied these search warrants and found that both were illegal. The reason? The orders were “too general” and therefore included both relevant articles and materials relevant to the investigation, as explained in its ruling Wikelmann:

“The orders do not adequately describe the offenses to which they referred (…) In fact remained well below that. Were general orders, and as such, are not valid, “he said.

Moreover, the court held that the has transferred its powers to take over the PC and the hard drives of the founder of Megaupload, without an express order of the Attorney General of New Zealand as establish the procedure under international law for the FBI to collect evidence outside their jurisdiction.

So, the police in New Zealand has said it is considering the judgment and analyzing what measures should be taken. They have also advanced that they will not comment further until it becomes clear the issue.

But how could this episode affect the case continues against Dotcom? For while the founder of released in bail , and it has even announced it is embarking on new projects, this statement might have some impact on request for extradition from the United States is where you are required by intellectual property crime and money laundering: Can you imagine that this irregularity in the registration includes the annulment process? Tap closely follow developments in the case because it could give a very interesting twist …

Link: Kim Dotcom search warrants ruled illegal by New Zealand court (The Verge)

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