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Posted by on Aug 29, 2012 in Internet |

New Zealand thawed Kim Dotcom funds to pay his lawyers

New Zealand thawed Kim Dotcom funds to pay his lawyers

won a small legal victory in New Zealand, then the will give access to its USD $4,830 million, which were frozen after the raid on his home by the FBI. Dotcom needed the to pay his and pay his life for that matter even offered self-extradited to the United States if that allowed him access to funds.

The assets were frozen in January, when the United States accused him of conspiracy and other charges for their service MegaUpload, saying the company had made profits of more than $500 million by allowing users to share illegal music, movies and software copyrighted .

“This is good news because now we have to fight with their hands tied behind their backs. This whole case gets more interesting every week, “said Dotcom to Wired .

founder may withdraw money from the $8 million he paid to the government of New Zealand to get permanent residence in the country. The court determined that USD $800,000 should be retained for future legal fees. Also gained access to another $800,000 to pay the rent of his house until February next year, after requesting the authorities of Hong Kong (where MegaUpload operated legally) free USD $18 million to buy the house, which motion was denied in early meet.

Nine luxury cars must be sold in order of Dotcom, including a 2009 Mercedes E500 and a Rolls Royce Coupe 2008.

Dotcom owes about USD $242,000 to the law firm in charge of his defense, including travel and lodging of lawyers on their visits to New Zealand. The determination of the court said Dotcom funds can not be used to pay for the defense of its members, Bram van der Kolk, Finn Batato and Mathias Ortmann.

Originally decide Dotcom’s extradition in August this year, however, was postponed until March 2013. Beyond faces for multiple counts of violation of copyright, piracy and other, that he and his associates refuse.

Link: Dotcom’s frozen funds partially thawed by New Zealand court (Wired)

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