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Posted by on Jul 15, 2012 in Entertainment |

Nickelodeon and MTV DirecTV remove your grill in the middle of a dispute with Viacom

Nickelodeon and MTV DirecTV remove your grill in the middle of a dispute with Viacom

When two giants like (one of the providers world’s largest) and (conglomerate owner of MTV, Nickelodeon, VH1 and others) are facing each other, it is likely that those who lose are the users. And precisely that is the case today in the U.S., where all the Viacom channels -26 signal-went black in the middle of a in which none of the parties involved want to budge.

The question is quite simple in its substance, not in the way. Viacom wants to renegotiate a new contract with DirecTV in which the latter paid more money per subscriber, which in the final sum gives a considerably larger amount of money that would go into the coffers of Viacom (about 1,000 million dollars) . DirecTV argues that this request is unfair because it would be asking their customers to pay more for a group of channels, all owned by Viacom, even though many people only want to watch or MTV, and does not mind the rest.

The CEO of DirecTV, in a message that has been repeated through the defunct signs of your grill, notes that “the most important are your customers” and that they should not pay “channels do not want or care about.” On the one hand, the company’s position is correct and that they are defending the interests of their subscribers (and themselves, obviously), on the other side, as Viacom pressure is quite strong and effective as their channels have enough rating and some would leave to go to DirecTV and competition.

Since DirecTV insists this is a temporary situation and that eventually will reach an agreement. For now, the only thing clear is that in America there must be many little children with tantrum because they can not enjoy Dora the Explorer or SpongeBob.

Link: DirecTV CEO: “Viacom is forcing this bundle on you, not us” (GigaOM)

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