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Posted by on Sep 16, 2012 in Software |

Ninite: Install once the basic programs you need on your PC

Ninite: Install once the basic programs you need on your PC

If you have a new computer or recently formateaste yours, probably went through the tedious work of finding a series of programs on their sites and then install them one by one. Chrome, FireFox, WinRAR, Skype, Pidgin, Digsby or Google Talk, VLC, Winamp or iTunes, uTorrent, etc.. What if there was a quick way to install all that?

That there Ninite, one of the most useful free services likely to be found on the internet, ideal for this task. Simply log in and select the icons of the programs you want to install. The service package all in one installer that allows you to download to your PC. Then simply be installed and run everything you selected from once.

displays a long list of where you choose, including security services, office software, image processing, and even Steam can be added to the package.

Perhaps best of all, Ninite automatically says “No” to install options annoying toolbars that are included in the Installation of some of the above software. For now, Ninite only works for and Linux distributions based on Debian (Ubuntu, so it works).

Definitely a great idea to save a tedious job that takes quite a while, having to visit different sites and download software from different sides each.

Link: Ninite

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