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Posted by on Jun 11, 2012 in Companies |

No longer able to make class actions against Microsoft in the U.S.

No longer able to make class actions against Microsoft in the U.S.


Do you have a problem with a Microsoft-branded product? Then they can complain and protest to the company, or take the issue to a court and that this judgment. But if several or many users with the same problem and want to join the fight, then that things are complicated and in fact can not. says no.

And is that the Redmond company has updated its policies and and straight now prohibits class actions and only allows users to make their claims, either directly with Microsoft or through some agency of justice, individually. As explained by Tim Fielden, it now applies only to the United States: “If a customer has a dispute about a Microsoft product or service in our new agreement specifies that in case you can not resolve it informally, always may bring the matter to court, but not as part of a class action. “

This new “rule” is not really new, the past few months, applies to Xbox Live. According to Fielden, this only goes after any problems that users have can be resolved quickly and efficiently before it reaches a massive for the courts, but the reality is that it could be an incentive for other companies to begin to take the same path.

In the U.S., is cooking a law that would prohibit financial category companies employ these tactics deterrent against a consumer group. But this law would not apply in the case of a company like Microsoft, whose business is clearly another. And if this becomes a trend, then users would be increasingly tied hands, unless they want to solve problems individually.

For now, one thing is clear: any against Microsoft probably will end in nothing.

Link: Microsoft ending Consumers’ Ability to file class-action suits (LA Times)

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