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Posted by on Jul 18, 2012 in Software |

No Microsoft Office 2013 for Mac OS X

No Microsoft Office 2013 for Mac OS X

Instead, Microsoft will offer an update for Office 2011 that will provide some features for use in the Internet cloud.

Microsoft has just shown what that will bring new office suite (2013) software with a great approach to use in touch screens and the Internet cloud. With everything new that took place during the presentation, Steve Ballmer forgot to shed light on the version for OS X, leaving the question of whether or not be available this new version for that platform.

Now, as confirmed by Microsoft, there will be 2013 for Mac Office, and instead, will launch an update to this version of Office 2011 that will provide integrated access to Office 365 service, ie, tools for working in the Internet cloud, which also added to SkyDrive.

The statement closes by saying that: “We have not announced any future version of Office for Mac”, which complicates the situation for users of Apple, because Office 2013 has redesigned the graphical user interface that is geared heavily toward the use Windows 8 with a touch screen format that is not available for Mac devices

Link: MS Office for Mac to get SkyDrive update, No 2013 edition (Electronista)

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