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Posted by on Jun 18, 2013 in Hardware News |

Noctua presents a CPU cooler with a system that cancels the noise

Noctua presents a CPU cooler with a system that cancels the noise

The company specializes in refrigeration, Noctua, in partnership with the company RotoSub, manufactured the first in the world, with a built-in active cancellation.

In the system heatsink combined with a 140mm and NF A14 FocusedFlow system (focused flow) together with anti-vibration pads, magnets with active noise (ANC), a microphone ANC, ANC controller RotoSub and hood assembly which completes the cooling system.

As in ANC systems, it uses a microphone to listen to fan vibrations. However, the sound of these vibrations, destroying the phase is canceled by adjusting sound an electromagnet which in turn influence small magnets installed at the tip of each fan blade.

ANC RotoSub technology makes the fan itself emits the counter-noise signal through modulation of the fan blades, which are achieved by the connection and disconnection of a coil inside the fan frame that interacts with the magnets in the Inside the blade tips. Thus, the anti-noise comes from the same position as the original noise and accurately adjusts the sound stage and the pattern of rotation.

Here the demo video.

ANC Project Noctua is only for the CPUs on this prototype, at least for now. If practical as a solution for a silent PC, depend heavily on the price of the unit when it goes on sale in the market.

Link: Noctua CPU cooler demo WITH ACTIVE noise cancellation (


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