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Posted by on Jul 8, 2012 in Entertainment |

Nokia Launches First 3D map of Gotham City

Nokia Launches First 3D map of Gotham City

In just a couple of weeks premieres around the world’s third and final part of the trilogy of Nolan for the Dark Knight: Dark Knight Rises. And promoting the film, and Warner show that three-dimensional map of the mighty City.

With the map you can do basically everything expected: zoom, rotation, and to explore some places as prominent as the Arkham Asylum Wayne or Tower more in detail (although technically, be it just a photo). In addition, finding and researching some conveniently hidden secrets and riddles have the option to participate for prizes exclusive Dark Knight Rises, including a Nokia series Lumia. Not bad.

To access the map, simply go to the Gotham site of Nokia , login with your Facebook account, and then enjoy. Fans of Batman and the particular urban geography of Gotham surely going to give a feast, and even more when the film is about and Batman fans begin to feel the tingling nerves.

By the way, Nokia shows us what can be done with the maps, even in a fictional town.

Nokia Launches First 3D map of Gotham City image 2

Link: Explore Gotham City with Nokia

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