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Posted by on Jun 8, 2012 in Internet |

North Korea sends infected with malware games to South Korea to launch DDoS attacks

North Korea sends infected with malware games to South Korea to launch DDoS attacks

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Knowing the strong love of video games from the citizens of South Korea, the North Korean agents appear to have taken the opportunity to play with and infect contaminate the leading South Korean auto-attacks with their own machines.

According to a report in the newspaper JoongAng Daily , Seoul police intercepted a cyber Attack from North sent its southern neighbor, consisting of games infected with malware. The virus would be used to create botnets and attacks. Police said the attack was aimed specifically at the site of Incheon Airport, the largest in South Korea.

According to police, a distributor of video games named Jo would have traveled to China to meet with North Korean agents, asking them to develop games that could be distributed in South Korea. The report says that Jo bought dozens of games for a very cheap price, allegedly knowing they were infected with malware. Despite this, was sold to distributors and videogames. When people play over the Internet, malware and turned the infected computers into zombies her to launch the attack.

Incheon Airport should resist several attacks last year, which could come from this case. Not the first time that cyber weapons used to attack the southern neighbor: a month ago, there were reports of interference to GPS , which caused problems in the South Korean air and sea navigation.

The interesting thing here is the malware distribution, where pirated software is being used to expand or questionable sites – one of the normal transmission methods – but recognized sites, targeting people who were seeking offers to buy legally.

A sign over the cyberwar? Arguably yes, but here is one more weapon in the conflict that separates the two Koreas for years.

Link: North Korea ships malware-infected South Korean games to users, use it to launch DDoS attacks Them (ZDNet)

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