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Norway banned Google Analytics for violation of data protection law

Norway banned Google Analytics for violation of data protection law

is a headache for Internet companies: Google trouble again in Europe for this topic. This time because of its service, as the Norwegian authorities consider that violates its data protection law.

As we know, Google Analytics is vital for webmasters, as it provides data on the hearing of the same: To determine the visits to a website, this Google tool tracks the IP address, which is definitely not Like much in Norway.

And it is for the authorities of that country, the Mountain View boys take advantage of this information to customize the advertising that is inserted into the search engine, and taking services like Google Adwords, what they believe violates the of Norwegian data .

The director of the Data Protection Agency in Norway, Bjorn Erik Thon, is concerned about the management of user data that make these Google services, as expressed by the Norwegian daily and Europa Press quoted in:

“If the user is logged in addition to other Google services, Google can personalize the web search and advertising for the individual (…) is a violation of privacy laws to process personal data for such purposes.”

Since Google have not addressed concerns about the Norwegian authorities, who have not missed the opportunity to require Mountain View to perform major changes to its privacy policy, among which include maintaining the anonymity of data IP, ie not distribute data on their geographical origin, and restrict the data to Google Analytics, without sharing with other services of the company.

To all these, outlined in EP is currently conducting a audit services to verify that Google really compliance with the laws of Norway: Preliminary results would be displayed on September 10, so we have to wait a couple of weeks for the verdict and actions taken from Google, because if the rules do not fit either of these services may be blocked in Norway.

Link: Google Analytics could disappear from Norway (Europa Press)

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