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Posted by on Aug 10, 2012 in Companies |

Nothing more convenient than die working for Google

Nothing more convenient than die working for Google

(CC) SimSullen

Working conditions of the software giant are pretty famous for an incredible amount of for their employees, usually reaching the top of world rankings of “Best Place to Work” , and a comprehensive benefits range from health care within complex Googleplex in Mountain View, including physical therapy and chiropractic, as well as technological Japanese luxury toilets in bathrooms, food and free haircuts and so on.

Well, now became known, through an interview with the Head of of Google, Laszlo Bock, who from 2011 the company began a policy of delivering benefits for years to the families of all U.S. workers who die being hired by Google: The partner of the deceased will receive annually a check for half the salary of the employee during the next decade, without any prerequisite, you will receive all the shares of the company that had the worker and all children will receive $1,000 monthly until they reach age 19 (or 23 if a university student).

“Obviously we have research showing that an employee with benefits like ours have a high rate of staff retention and improved productivity,” says Bock. “It turns out that the reason we do this for the employees is not because it is important for business, but because it is right. Ultimately, it is better to work for a company that cares about you rather than one to which no cares. And from the point of view of the company, it is best not to worry about before. “

Link: Here’s What Happens To Employees When They Die Google (Forbes)

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