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Posted by on Dec 8, 2012 in Companies |

Now Apple and Google are partnering to get patents Kodak

Now Apple and Google are partnering to get patents Kodak

A few months ago, two groups lined up to buy patents from Kodak’s fall from grace: one led by (which also included Microsoft) and another led by and also participated in Samsung and LG.

But eventually that power came to nothing, because thought it best to use their as collateral and because the bids received were not as high. But now, according to Bloomberg, a new cluster is formed which together will load again by these patents and that includes a partnership between two rivals that used in the task, such as Apple and Google.

A couple of informants Bloomberg blew him of this new agreement, which goes hand in hand with an offer of more than $ 500 million for the patent portfolio of the once prestigious company. And of course, since none of the parties involved-Google, Apple or Kodak-wanted to refer the matter, whether it is a rumor or signed confidentiality agreements in court.

The truth is that, beyond the dissolution of contending groups in the initial offer, such joint efforts are not uncommon in such cases. Already, previous history of large companies competing in some areas coming together to take control of other properties that could not follow the path of success. This time, we have to see if Kodak is pleased the amount put on the table may not be the waiting-wanting speculated about 2,000 million dollars, but with the tightness of your current financial times, circumstances may be something different this time.

Link: Apple Joins Google in $500 Million-Plus Bid for Kodak Patents (Bloomberg)

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