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Posted by on Nov 1, 2012 in Internet |

Now: exceeds Gmail to Hotmail users

Now: exceeds Gmail to Hotmail users

A couple of months ago , boasted of having the service more popular in the world, without providing hard numbers to confirm and to analyst firm ComScore indicating that by that time, in fact they were in third place. But now, this same group has formalized the victory over his competition Gmail, specifically above, who until now held the crown.

Because according to data for the month of October 2012, had 287, 9 million unique users, while Hotmail fell to second place with 286.2 million. In third place, fell slightly behind the show 281.7 million visitors.

These numbers apply to planetary level, because if we focus on the reality of the U.S., which is one of the strongest markets, Yahoo! is the leader with 76.7 million, with Gmail being secondly (69.1 million) and Hotmail in third (35.5 million).

One sees then that the Google service is the one that goes straight on growth, while Yahoo! and Hotmail is in decline remains stable, giving us a picture of what may be the trend for the coming months, where Gmail is already the king definitive.

Link: Gmail Hotmail edges as world’s top e-mail service (CNET)

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