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Posted by on Jun 18, 2012 in Hardware News |

Now go up the price of NAND flash memory

Now go up the price of NAND flash memory

As if not enough with the rising Prices of hard drives, dramatic story that gives to another reading , now being reported that the value of the is climbing through the roof, following the wrong time has passed for this item recent months.

Short story: there is excess supply and low demand, which occurred due to the unfulfilled promises of Intel for selling many Ultrabooks with solid state drives (SSD) inside, which supposedly would give a boost to the market for NAND comprising these units. This, among other things . But as the ultra-portable PCs did not sell well and as non-separate on their own as they are very expensive, NAND makers were wrong and the prices of its products began to decline.

What did they do? Samsung, one of the main players but also one of the most astute, chose to cut the supply of chips to small distributors, which is not explained if we think they were selling little and sell it even less, but has its back: able to control at will the number of products on the market and thus raise prices as they handled the over-population of NAND products on the market.

Result of that is that in a month-the last-2GB microsd memory card rose from USD $ 1.15 up to USD $ 1.60, in general recover the value of all products between 40% and 50%.

Is it justified this move by the poor condition of the item of the NAND? We leave you for their opinion on the matter.

Link: MicroSD Memory Card Prices Going Up (Softpedia)

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