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Posted by on Dec 8, 2012 in Software |

Now Google will jump from Android to Chrome

Now Google will jump from Android to Chrome

Now Google is kind of a data center that joined in order for users to have everything at hand: weather reports, traffic, travel, and anything you need at any given time. And now these options also come to the desktop, as through Chrome.

Basically, it tries to integrate such in Android’s own browser Google, and serving the same purpose: user unified whole. The fact was discovered thanks to a revision in Chromium , indicating the creation of “a skeleton to implement in Google Now”, which does not leave much room for speculation.

What can you expect from Google Chrome Now? More and more integration of many Google services in one place, in this case the browser. Notifications will be the order of the day, something many people appreciate (especially those who already take advantage of this in Android), others will surely look askance at the increasing involvement of Google in daily activities.

For now, there is no official announcement regarding for Chrome, but the background one would expect in the not too distant future.

Link: Android’s Google Now services headed for Chrome, too (CNET)

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