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Posted by on Aug 21, 2012 in Hardware News |

Now is the best time to buy a solid state drive (SSD)

Now is the best time to buy a solid state drive (SSD)

Months ago, we talk about the difficulties facing the flash industry, those that move SD cards, USB flash drives and solid state drives (SSD), among other various products. And is that despite Samsung’s efforts to control the distribution lines and deliberately raise prices, oversupply still in stores and little demand, so Prices are lower than usual. This is good for customers, but bad for companies that can not sustain their business and in many cases, go bankrupt, as the case of Elpida , which fell into the abyss facing similar problems, but in the area of DRAMs.

Story aside, happens now analysts have detected that while sales are still low, manufacturers reduced the amount of products they manufacture, regulating over-supply and thus pushing up prices, which will help restore health industry. This from the point of view of them, because for the consumer means the opposite.

But there is still time, it is estimated that the results of the new situation will not until late September, when supposedly start rising. Until then, the values should be kept low, so we will make a recommendation to those who give little: if you want to buy based on memory, now is the time.

Link: NAND Prices Should Hold Out Until After September (Softpedia)

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