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Posted by on Jul 17, 2012 in Hardware News |

Now the U.S. government invested USD $12.4 million in NVIDIA

Now the U.S. government invested USD $ 12.4 million in NVIDIA

FastForward is the name of a program created by the United States, which seeks to promote the development of super-computers that meet the category of computing, which would yield at least a thousand times higher than current equipment, which move in the order of petaflops.

In this is that the has signed a contract with to help in research on this subject, with an amount in to be reaching the $ 12.4 million, which, besides the capital injection will work in joint NVIDIA engineers and government.

The idea is that this effort will result in improved technologies to reach the through optimizations for microprocessors and memory architectures, delivering machines that turn operating under an energy margin “reasonable” as requested by the Department of Energy.

Remember that NVIDIA is not the first company to receive this kind of impulses: a few days ago confirmed that AMD was contacted by the Government to exactly the same mission , under a monetary sum quite similar.

Link: DOE Gives $ 12.4m for NVIDIA exascale computer research (Electronista)

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