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Posted by on Aug 31, 2012 in Social Networks |

Now Wolfram Alpha pries and analyze your data from Facebook

Now Wolfram Alpha pries and analyze your data from Facebook

Wolfram Alpha, the intelligent search engine that offers much of his knowledge to of Apple, among other projects, now launches a service reporting and analysis of personal data in the social network Facebook.

At first glance it sounds like something unhelpful and the truth is that it probably is, at least for a particular user, but offered no evidence at the moment, the possibility of analysis of company profiles.

These reports asking for permission to access the personal profile, like any other application on that we would install, but with the difference that the level of audit data is higher as to provide a better result requests access to all levels of content , including images and videos.

Cone just put “Facebook Report” in the search window, returns a report with useful just curious, where for example, we know what words are most used in our status updates, usage spikes and social network activity and interaction with our friends.

But if that’s not enough, also takes the time to browse the activity of our friends, to restore information related to the geographic distribution of each of them, their marital status, age, gender and list of the most common names.

The report is made in a few seconds, but then continues relieving Wolfram Alpha data for an hour and every time you run the report will be used to compare the new data.

What little is known about the back of Wolfram Alpha does not inspire much confidence to be authorizing him to delve into our social trash, but if you really do not want to index your data, at least a number of reports have little use but curious about your social that seeing that 80% of your friends are married, maybe I can help you change course to somewhere with more chances of finding your soul mate.

Link: Wolfram Alpha launches analytics staff reports for Facebook (TechCrunch)

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