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Posted by on Sep 13, 2012 in Hardware News |

NUC Intel Mini-computer will go on sale to the general public in October

NUC Intel Mini-computer will go on sale to the general public in October

About five months ago, we saw that introduced the Next Unit of Computing (NUC) , a small computer compact 10cm x 10cm, it brings everything you need to run when connected mouse, keyboard and monitor. We had the chance to test it first-hand , and our quick review of a line is summarized in: “is fast and gets very hot.”

Despite this, Intel decided to market this device anyway for the sum of USD $400 , promising its availability only for business segments that use it in public use computers (kiosks in English). However, in an unexpected turn of events (?), Now the company has put an attractive colored casing the and said he sold to the public for the same $400, as of October.

In features, the team brings a central processor Intel Core i3 with HD 4000 integrated graphics, two slots for RAM SO-DIMM (4GB preinstalled) and M-SATA port for connecting mass storage via SSD (40GB factory) . There are also three USB ports, an HDMI video output and a mini-PCI input. NUC will be two variants: one with and without Ethernet Thunderbolt port, and one Ethernet without Thunderbolt.

Link: Intel’s Core i3 NUC mini-boards in September to hit market in October, hobbyists and OEMs power up (Engadget)

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