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Posted by on Jul 11, 2012 in Social Networks |

#NuevoTuenti born: The social network is reinventing itself, comes to Latin America and Focus on mobile

# NuevoTuenti born: The social network is reinventing itself, comes to Latin America and Focus on mobile

One of the things that were criticized Facebook shortly before his departure to the stock market is the mobile experience of the social network . It is no secret that one of its weaknesses, its founder as well as recognition at one time.

And is that our activity in social networks is increasingly mobile, and then part of the success of applications like Instagram and WhatsApp, for example. Precisely for this reason, the people of Myspace, the social network Facebook-inspired Spanish, has focused its reinvention in the cross-platform experience, facing international expansion plan.

opens to the world and does so with a focus on ensuring our experience. In this regard, Phillip Arkcoll, vice president of product Tuenti explained that this reinvention effort has been made to ensure the user experience and integrated communication platform:

“The media is increasingly mobile, and Myspace respond to this change with a service focused primarily on the phone, while complementing that experience through Web access, so that Myspace is with you wherever you go.”

Myspace’s gamble is clear: They want to be our unique ecosystem of communication, as we see in the picture below which compares with Instagram, Path, WhatsApp and Facebook:

# NuevoTuenti born: The social network is reinventing itself, comes to Latin America and Focus on mobile image 2

The new Myspace claims to be multiplatform

The guys want Tuenti through its platform to share with our friends and family through social networking, and we communicate with our acquaintances through their integrated messaging channels. In this regard, Zaryn Dentzel, founder and CEO of the Spanish social network told us:

“Myspace is the easiest way to communicate with everyone and share experiences with people who matter most at the time. We have integrated a messaging service globally competitive with our social network along with a simple privacy model only enables the user to control what you share. “

Have you heard the “circles” of Google +? I also seemed similar at first, but after seeing the demo in action I must confess I was pleasantly surprised at how simple it is the interface, nothing to do with Google+ … So, users of Myspace can define two profiles: Friends and Contacts. Friends have access to your photos, status, etc.., while the contacts are there to chat, for example.

This separation allows the user to have in one place all their communications, but without losing control over their privacy, an issue that from the beginning of this network has been key. In this regard, Sebastian Muriel, vice president of corporate development Tuenti explained:

“In Tuenti believe the privacy control should be as simple as possible. Current tools have privacy preferences very complex configuration, which are not useful for most users. The new privacy model we present today it makes it easier than making a basic distinction between friends and contacts, as simple as real life. “

Beta available

If you’re reading this note from outside Spain, as you see on Myspace Web that have implemented changes … If, however, are in Iberian lands, still see the traditional version of the network, because the changes will be doing progressively, as explained by Muriel, and have preferred “not to overwhelm.

What it is available to all and beta are mobile applications for Android and Blackberry . In the coming weeks will also be available versions of the new Myspace for and Windows Phone, so I have to wait a bit.

Important: The service is 100% free, works with all mobile operators and supports any standard data connection. All these consume me a question: Did Zuckerberg will have learned of this revival of Myspace?

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