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Posted by on May 16, 2012 in Hardware News |

NVIDIA Announces Tesla cGPUs K10 and K20

Complying with the announcement of a couple of weeks ago , Jen-Hsun Huang, Nvidia’s CEO, presented his new Tesla cGPU K10 Series, which as suggested by the rumors are dual-GPU solutions based on a pair of GPUs Kepler GK104 , very similar to the recently released Geforce GTX 690 .

The Tesla cGPUs K10 Series are available in various versions with different frequencies up to 8GB of ECC memory GDDR5 with a bandwidth of 320GB / s, and a computing power of up to 4577 calculations Gigaflops in single precision (SP) and 190 Gigaflops in double-precision calculations (DP), the new K10 triples tesla Tesla M2090 performance (based on the core Fermi GF110) in SP calculations (1331.2 GFlops), but is performing well below the 665 GFlops in DP calculations ( double precision) that is able to offer the “old” Tesla M2090.

Tesla K10 will be available at prices from $ 1500 to $ 2500.

Maybe for intensive applications that use double-precision calculations, the old Tesla M2090 will remain the best choice until Q4 this year (from October to December) date on which Nvidia promises to have ready a new Tesla K20, which will be based Kepler at the core of 2nd generation whose name is officially confirmed by Nvidia GK110, whose chip taped out was in February this year , and that assumes confirmed the rumors about the cancellation of the chip GK100. Nvidia promises that K20 will perform double-precision calculations to three times that of the current Tesla M2090 that is a figure very close to 2 teraflops. Just awesome.

Returning to Tesla K10, this new product represents something completely new Tesla product line, which has traditionally been based on GPUs codenamed ends in “0″ (G80/GT200/GF100/GF110, the most powerful his generation), and is also the first dual-GPU Tesla.

Link: Nvidia Tesla upgrades, eyes cloud gaming (EE Times)

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