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Posted by on Jul 31, 2012 in Hardware News |

NVIDIA does not void the warranty card to overclock

NVIDIA does not void the warranty card to overclock

According to information that emerged yesterday, NVIDIA would have changed the way we give warranty to their products , to forfeit the right to change when a person hiciese to a model already comes overclocked from the factory, such as card manufacturers independent as EVGA or Sapphire.

However, the company said that reality is not so, being quite categorical about it:

That statement is not true.

Shorter, impossible, however, more extended its parliament to clarify that the process is between and its partners, which does not apply to individual products and thus the alleged restriction of 1100MHz was reported yesterday have room in this working model.

End by saying that in fact there has been no recent change in policy that handles warranty company, providing end to any controversy surrounding the issue that could have been generated.

Link: Nvidia Responds to overclock warranty controversy (Fudzilla)

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