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Posted by on Sep 27, 2012 in Hardware News |

Nvidia GeForce details GRID, its gaming platform in the cloud

Nvidia GeForce details GRID, its gaming platform in the cloud

A few months ago launched its cGPU K10 Tesla explained while her future Tesla K20 , both products are its renewed bid made to servers and supercomputers aimed at different market segments .

Besides the mentioned segments, their cGPUs architecture-based Tesla kepler also promise to replace the consoles in the not too distant future, for Nvidia believes that consoles like Nintendo WiiU, PlayStation 4 and the future of the Xbox version will represent the end of way for the console market , as these will be replaced by solutions in the cloud games powered by GeForce GRID .

But why a company like Nvidia touts the end of consoles? The answer to this is unknown at the moment, but some assume that this announcement has anything to do with the rumor that the new consoles will possess AMD GPUs , rumor has been fulfilled in the first of three new consoles mentioned: Nintendo Wii U .

What is it and how geforce GRID?
GeForce GRID is a set of hardware (multiple cards GeForce VGX ), technologies and services for game servers in the cloud, which uses Virtualization capabilities in the architecture GPUs Kepler to pre-render and encode games and transmitted via the Internet (streaming) from a server to a wide range of devices “clients” as smartphones, tablets and PCs, which decode the content, all at a very low latency, providing a gaming experience comparable to that of current consoles.

All items that require intensive computing, such as AI (artificial intelligence) will be executed from the server, releasing devices that work with clients, acting in some ways as a sort of a kind of clients remote desktop oriented games.

Nvidia GeForce details GRID, its gaming platform in the cloud image 2

Nvidia GeForce details GRID, its gaming platform in the cloud image 3

Nvidia GeForce details GRID, its gaming platform in the cloud image 4

GRID GeForce Can replace consoles?
Although theoretically possible, the technology has to overcome a number of challenges as the great diversity of the type of connections and their associated bandwidth, without considering that the guest devices possess enough power to decode content transmitted “live “no latency issues associated bandwidth of the connection.

This approach also offers some benefits to users, so you no longer have to worry about installing patches for the games and / or expansion, as the developer of the game is to take charge of making it to the server, which always contains the most current version.

It is too early to know how successful it will be GeForce GRID, the evolution of bandwidth / latency internet connections in the next few years will have a lot to do in the future of this technology, but companies like Gaikai, Playcast, G -cluster, OTOY Ubitus and have decided to offer their support.

Link: NVIDIAの新機軸を理解する(1):GeForce GRIDが描く「ゲームスタジオが独自のゲームプラットフォームを描く時代」

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