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Posted by on Sep 7, 2012 in Hardware News |

NVIDIA GTX 660 will be released on September 13

NVIDIA GTX 660 will be released on September 13

A tricky shot which is having video card GTX 660, younger sister of Ti and GTX 660 will be based on the core architecture GK104 Kepler, which obviously would have to be quite similar to the GTX 660 OEM .

Because first it was reported that the release date of the new product would be this September 6, day happened yesterday unnoticed because NVIDIA postponed embargo expires (or contract Silence NDA) for this September 12. However, ee day either be shown the GTX 660, since according to reports, the company would not clash with the of the iPhone 5, mobile phone to be launched on September 12 itself.

And nobody wants to be overshadowed by Apple, so the date of nda ran for 13 September, when definitely have all the official information of this new video card NVIDIA.

Link: Nvidia GTX 660 reviews delayed to September 13th (Fudzilla)

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