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Posted by on Sep 5, 2012 in Hardware News |

NVIDIA is working on drivers to support Optimus on Linux

NVIDIA is working on drivers to support Optimus on Linux

engineers are already working to bring support technology, one that allows the automatic exchange from an integrated solution to a discrete higher performance, allowing a laptop to save battery life by resorting to lower performance gpu when running everyday tasks that do not require too much processing power.

Because are being developed (drivers) for Linux right now, and while still at a very early stage of the process, things are serious, but not promised a release date for this tool available to mass level.

Recall that the development of NVIDIA graphics drivers in Linux is done through an unpopular method: the code is not open and the company takes care of all releases for the platform unilaterally, something that does not put happy to Linus Torvalds , who gave him some insults to the company by hindering access to that software. Even NVIDIA lost a multimillion dollar contract with China because of that. Sew them.

Link: NVIDIA working on Linux support for Optimus automatic graphics switching (Engadget)

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