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Posted by on Nov 8, 2012 in Hardware News |

NVIDIA is working on future GPU GK208 Kepler

NVIDIA is working on future GPU GK208 Kepler

According to the release schedule of Nvidia GPU architectures, the 2014 is expected to make his first appearance of Nvidia GPUs based on the new architecture Maxwell , so we expected that next year launched its second-generation GPUs (GK11x Series ), which will replace the current first-generation Kepler (GK10x Series), used in the 600 Series GPUs.

From VideoCardz report that Nvidia is working on new third-generation Kepler GPUs (GK20x Series), which probably will be released during 2014, and whose first known exponent GK208 Kepler is a low-end GPU future perhaps intended to replace not yet launched the Kepler GK117 (or GK118).

The fact that we have a third family of GPUs Nvidia Kepler based architecture, it may be an indication that we may have a possible delay in the launch of future architecture-based GPUs Maxwell, or a possible coexistence of both architectures, which would not be surprising, since for a while both Nvidia and AMD tend to their low-end GPUs are based on a previous graphics at its upper ranges GPUs.

In any case this future GK208 could shape the future low-end GeForce 800 series GPUs, or we could see a complete line of products based on GeForce Kepler third generation.

As second-generation Kepler, its first and most powerful member known by its code name GK110 debut next month at the cGPUs Tesla K20 , is also expected to make its appearance on GeForce products sometime next year.

Link: NVIDIA GK208 Kepler GPU Working On (VideoCardz)

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