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Posted by on May 14, 2012 in Hardware News |

NVIDIA launches its "new" GPU Geforce 405m Laptop

Quietly, without fanfare, or the buzzing of a fly, Nvidia has launched “a new GPU” called Geforce 405m, which were to be guided by whether we would think that naming is an affordable DirectX 11 graphics, but in is actually an old DirectX 10.1 GPU renamed.

The “new GPU” Nvidia Geforce 405m is actually a Geforce 315M (DirectX 10.1) renamed, GPU architecture based on the old Tesla (eye! Not to be confused with the line of cGPUs for HPC computing also called Tesla), launched in architecture 2006 and was replaced by Fermi in 2010. Its specifications are exactly the same as those of the Geforce 315M:

  • Tesla GT218 core running at 606MHz with 16 shader processors running at 1212MHz.
  • 512MB of graphics memory DDR3/GDDR3 with 64-bit bus running at 800MHz.
  • A TDP of 14W.

Interestingly at the time when Nvidia released the specifications of its new GPU, these referred to the Geforce 315M, an error that was corrected within a few hours removing all references to the Geforce 315M, but thanks to a screenshot by Expreview can still appreciate:

Definitely a product that makes little sense at this point, especially when any current IGP offers performance considerably greater than the Nvidia Geforce 405m even proclaim that offers 10 times the performance of the IGP.

Link: 再度披甲上阵,NVIDIA推出GeForce 405M移动GPU (Expreview)

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