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Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 in Hardware News |

NVIDIA launches K20 and Tesla Tesla cGPUs K20X

NVIDIA launches K20 and Tesla Tesla cGPUs K20X

Just a couple of days we learned that would launch a new surprisingly called Tesla K20X , which offers superior performance to previously announced Tesla K20 . Today both products make their debut.

Both Tesla Tesla as K20 are based on the core second generation GK110 (Kepler GK100 first generation was canceled due to unknown reasons), which consists of a total of 2880 shader processors organized in five GPCs, each consisting three SMX (each has 192 shader processores SMX), but obviously, the new Tesla K20 (2496 shader processors – 1.31 TFlops DP) and Tesla K20X (2688 shader processors – 1.17 TFLOPS) have not all active units.

NVIDIA launches K20 and Tesla Tesla cGPUs K20X image 2

Tesla Tesla K20X K20 and completely exceeded (double precision) to Tesla K10 , dual-GPU product (2xGK104) although based on Kepler, was passed at this point by previous generation products and Tesla Tesla M2090 M2070Q (based on the old architecture Fermi) products posing as offers better performance than Nvidia.

Tesla K20 has an MSRP of $ 3199, while the price of Tesla K20X has not yet been revealed, but should be somewhat higher.

Link: NVIDIA Tesla Launches K20 & K20X: GK110 Arrives At Last (Anandtech)

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