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Posted by on Nov 8, 2012 in Hardware News |

NVIDIA Launches R310 drivers for Linux collaboration with Valve

NVIDIA Launches R310 drivers for Linux collaboration with Valve

Along with the arrival of the Steam beta for Linux, announced that after a year of work, R310 come with a significant performance improvement when playing on Linux. And all thanks to cooperation with Valve.

According to marketing VP Doug Lombardi, with this new release “NVIDIA has managed to increase the performance of games, and take a leadership position with us and other studies to provide Linux gamers an unbeatable solution “. The drivers have been tested extensively and on paper should give a performance boost in addition to “dramatically reduce” the load times in games. Optimized for NVIDIA 600 GTX series is also recommended that all those who have previous series (from the 8800 upwards) to download and install also.

The collaboration between Valve and NVIDIA is not exactly new. For while Gabe Newell, head of Valve, has been doing and saying all kinds of nice things about the operating system, while handles repeat to anyone who will listen that Windows 8 is a disaster to play. As always, give or take away time reasons, and a good measure of Steam will be hosting on Linux by players “alternative” (to say the least).

Link: NVIDIA gets a little help from Valve, just as tweaks GeForce drivers for Linux beta Steam launches (Engadget)

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