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Posted by on Jul 30, 2012 in Hardware News |

NVIDIA may void the warranty of VGAs have already overclocked factory OC

NVIDIA may void the warranty of VGAs have already overclocked factory OC

A common practice among users of computer enthusiasts is to the video card, raising the performance of the core and memory beyond normal. In response to this is that independent such as EVGA, offer models themselves overclock over the reference figures provided by NVIDIA, but it occurs within margins set by the company that designed the chip, taking energy aspects of emission of noise and heat dissipation, which places limits NVIDIA.

And now, as indicated by rumors within the industry, the company would put another constraint on the builders for VGAs, to void the on those cards that already have factory overclock and whose users did again, bringing still further frequencies .

Specifically, the would be 1100MHz for the GPU, so if your card was already factory overclocked to 1100MHz and 1101MHz decide to upload it, burning it in the process, the guarantee will not run. Note that is the one who takes this warranty manufacturers like MSI, and EVGA, so users will not necessarily be directly affected by this measure, at least in the short term and if profit margins not reduced among manufacturers, which no longer have the support of NVIDIA in the above cases.

Link: Nvidia Overclocking Already OECD might void warranty cards (Fudzilla)

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